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The Data Spa is dedicated to helping companies improve their operations with data - how you collect it, manage it, analyze it, and apply it throughout your organization.

As a data agency, we are an extension to your team providing tools, technical expertise, and years of business experience from working with companies facing similar challenges as yours.

We make our livelihood by helping you generate insights and competitive advantages with your data.

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Jeff Hayes brings over 25 years of experience starting and leading InfoTrends (now Keypoint Intelligence), one of the largest analyst firms for the office technology and graphic communications industries. He has worked with a cross section of leading OEMs, ISVs, and channel partners on business strategy and market analysis. He has a passion for generating insights through customer, market and operational data.



Competitive advantage is shifting to companies that see data as an asset.

From CRM records and field service logs, from social media to equipment sensors, in spreadsheets and email, from business partners and government databases, you have more sources, types, and – well, just more data than ever before. In fact, data collection and storage has become so cheap that for many companies the growth in their data has outpaced their ability to effectively organize and analyze it.

Companies that are investing in the right data skills, tools and services to understand their business “reality” and improve operations are creating the new competitive benchmarks.


Curiosity plus data enables better decisions.

Curiosity helps you form questions, probe issues, interpret information. It’s born from experience and imagination. Data helps reveal relationships and patterns. It’s the fuel for insights. Combined they are elements for a fundamental competitive advantage.

Mastering data takes commitment and discipline and time.

You are working with legacy systems that can’t just be shut off and replaced. Your problems are often multi-faceted. Your data is often messy and incomplete. You have to chip away at your data “issues” and prioritize your initiatives in the face of limited resources and seemingly endless demands.


The pace of insights and return on data assets will increase as your team learns how to use the tools to discover, communicate, and manage in a data-driven world.