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It's Time to Treat Your Data Right



The potential for analytics can seem endless, while getting started can be daunting. An outside perspective can help stimulate discussions and focus your efforts.


The Data Spa is experienced in leading customized workshops for executives and business managers to get everyone up to speed on data management, business intelligence platforms, and embedding analytics into your organization.


We provide clients with structure and a process for identifying data-driven opportunities. We establish a framework for prioritizing initiatives based on potential business impact and implementation feasibility.


  • Assessment

  • Ideation

  • Scoping and prioritizing

  • Transformation planning

The Data Spa can facilitate discussions on how your company can use data analytics to transform its business. Let us be your catalyst.


Our team understands the daily challenges companies face - from legacy systems, to messy data, to resource limitations and changing priorities. More importantly, we have helped other organizations successfully deal with these issues.


The Data Spa can guide your firm in developing a vision and plan for modernizing your data architecture for advanced analytics and machine learning initiatives.

  • Architecture design and review for on-premise, cloud, and hybrid implementations

  • Data governance, quality, and master data management plans

  • Data warehouse roadmaps

  • ETL frameworks and data cleansing

  • IoT and third-party data sourcing


We will profile your data sources, critique your current systems, and help prioritize your data issues. We will improve your existing systems and identify new tools, processes, and workflows.

We will enable your organization to gather, manage, and apply data so that you have a competitive edge.

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Not every solution is available off the shelf. Our development team has extensive experience designing and building custom tools to collect data and tightly integrate with your core systems.


We can help you compile data from internals systems, harvest data from external sources, connect with remote devices, interact with customers, and push insights into the field.


  • Streamlining business workflows

  • Automating manual routines

  • Integrating critical applications

  • Creating  APIs and web services

  • Designing data collection agents, robots, apps, forms, surveys


The Data Spa will work with your team to define requirements, architect and develop a prototype, design a compelling user experience, and integrate, host and support the solution based on your needs.

We have proficiency in the latest methods and embrace a rapid development, iterative approach to quickly deliver effective tools at affordable prices.


Our team can examine your data to reveal its underlying structure, identify important variables, detect outliers and anomalies, test assumptions, and develop a deeper diagnosis of your operations and markets.

We are skilled in building models utilizing classification, clustering, regression, and other machine learning algorithms. More importantly, we understand how to work with your business stakeholders on their critical objectives. 

  • Customer segmentation and clustering

  • Territory characterization

  • Recommendation engines

  • Marketing content and channel analytics

  • Pricing and gross margin optimization

  • Machine learning-based forecast models

  • Inventory and purchasing optimization

  • Human resources insights and management


We help you derive unique data-driven insights about your operations, customers, and markets. We enable you to create competitive advantages from your data assets. We help you transform your business.



Insights are necessary but not sufficient for improving your operations. You need to apply what has been learned – and for many organizations that can be the biggest challenge.


We help you communicate what the data is saying through compelling dashboards and visualizations designed for specific business functions, roles, and objectives. One size never fits all.


Our experts can train and provide support tools for your staff. We can coach your managers on how to interpret data and measure the impact of your analytics initiatives.


  • Dashboard design

  • Workflow and collaboration

  • Training and support

  • Metrics development and ROI measurement

We help your team to think differently, ask new questions, and dig deeper for answers. We enable them to make better decisions.


We usually start with a conversation with your key business stakeholders and technical team to understand your situation and determine if we can help.

Often we do a preliminary assessment or consultation to get a deeper understanding of your objectives, critical technical factors, and how you will apply the tools and insights.

Once we are confident we understand your requirements, we will provide you with a proposal detailing the processes, schedule, costs, and outcomes of the engagement.

When working with The Data Spa you can expect:

  • Regular communication on status and issues

  • An iterative process based on feedback from your executives, "end users", and  technology team

  • A willingness to modify scope and direction as we uncover and resolve issues

  • Appropriate documentation, training, and support so that your initiative generates the impact we envisioned.

We are interested in building relationships with companies that can benefit from our combination of business and technical skills.


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